How to get started on the biggest payday of your life?

Have you ever thought to yourself, why can’t I have a business that is set up to sell for top dollar, then keep it and reap the benefits of having it organized, autonomous, highly profitable and successful; regardless if I’m on holiday or in the office? And why shouldn’t you? 

The first step is to organize and grow your business, while positioning yourself, to take advantage of the changing economy. EXITMAXIMIZER will help you be part of the action; and avoid becoming sidelined and irrelevant. Businesses are facing increasing challenges in 2020.

Download the free Business Owner’s Guide to Increasing Growth & Business Value to lead you through this process of setting your business up for maximum profits; enjoy a lifestyle you dream about; and structure your business in advance to get the biggest payday of your life when you decide to sell.



Business and economies are going through radical changes, now more than ever before. Old strategies just do not work anymore. Yet there are certain principals that are still relevant and will stand the test of time!

You can structure your business to be a revenue generating machine whilst also have a great lifestyle. It is possible to have both, but it requires knowledge, dedication and smart execution.

  1. Setting your business up for profits that you can enjoy for years to come.
  2. Keeping in mind, the all-important exit strategy; when you decide to sell your business.

You will be getting not only the current value but multiples of that value.
This is not about SWOT analysis nor a 50-year old, outdated business plan. It’s about implementing the latest 2020 ExitMaximizer framework, to transform your business within the next 12 months. Wake-up and unleash your business’ dream potential using 2020 ExitMaximizer – this is the future of business growth customized for you.

Download the free Business OwnerGuide to Increasing Growth & Business Value now!


The typical valuation of a business is the process of determining the current worth of a business, using objective measures, and evaluating all aspects of the business. An average business valuation might include an analysis of the company’s management, its capital structure, its future earnings prospects, or the market value of its assets. You need to think about these facts, even if you are not planning to sell your business any time soon. Enjoy the fruits of your labor now, but also prepare for a big payday in the future.

Buyers will pay a higher multiple if businesses show growth in revenue and EBITDA, and if they can show faster growth than the industry they are in.  Strategic buyers, buying a company for more than just the asset value of the company, will pay higher multiples than financial buyers. If your business is set up and operating in this manner, you will benefit every year with increased profits to enjoy.

Do you really want to get the biggest payday of your career sooner than you think? It’s not easy to plan, build the system and implement this type of strategy; but with the ExitMaximizer framework, you can certainly make it happen, and you can start seeing the results in as little as 12 months!

Download the free Business OwnerGuide to Increasing Growth & Business Value now!

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